A marketplace like no other

The global marketplace dedicated exclusively to handmade products, the artisans who make them, and the customers who love them.

The world wants to buy what YOU make

Customers across more than 100 nations are searching for unique, meaningful products made by artists and artisans who care about the quality of their work.

Your customers are waiting. Let us introduce you.

For 20+ years, our parent company, NOVICA, has forged significant partnerships with National Geographic, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the International Trade Centre (WTO and United Nations) and other key collaborators, developing a customer base of millions of deeply loyal individuals who appreciate handmade art.

We're building a whole new world for artisans.

Because a better world for artisans is a better world for all.

Where artisans are in the driver's seat.

Recognition, accountability, and transparency are our core values.

Everything is handmade.

No imitations, mass produced knock-offs, or cookie-cutter products.

And absolutely NO hidden fees.

Transparent pricing and lots of seller benefits.

Are you ready?

More than a marketplace. A movement.

In almost every store. In almost every refrigerator, restaurant, closet, winery, gift shop, corner grocery. There it is: Artisan-made. Boldly on the label.

Why? Because people really do care.

In a world increasingly anonymous and consolidated, we crave meaning and authenticity.

Welcome Home. Not so long ago, most of us were artisans.

Now, today's creators tether us to that forgotten past. Welcome home, we might start saying to each other. Welcome home.

Quality, culture, heritage, authenticity, fair trade.

A community ready to live by a different set of values.

Handmade is a movement of We.

It belongs to us all. It is core to our beings. Fundamental in every realm of our lives.

Once in a generation, an industry experiences a massive shift

that disrupts the current landscape and creates a better path.

It's happening. Now.

Are you ready?

Born of mission, quality and authenticity.

NOVICA, a leader in the handmade movement, has a long-established global infrastructure in place with millions of impassioned customers in 100 nations around the globe.


Thanks for providing people with a way to truly support artists and artisans throughout the world. Being an artist myself, I know firsthand the importance of having one's work fully appreciated and fairly paid for. Bravo to each artisan for their beautiful work. They make me travel around the world in my own home and love it!

Veronique Henry

Thank you for the confidence and perseverance in being part of our growth process. You have shown us a new market with many opportunities to continue growing and showing the traditions that define us.

Delfina Ruizweaver

Sellers, is Handmade.com the right place for you?

If you're someone who creates and/or sells handmade products and commits to our Ethically Made standards, then we say: Welcome Home!

What qualifies as handmade?

Goods created by hand or goods significantly altered or finished by hand. Non-handmade products may qualify if they have been repurposed with notable handmade alterations or embellishments.

Fasten your seatbelts.

The road ahead is filled with appreciative people and gorgeous discoveries.

We're better together.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?
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A marketplace like no other