Village Council

Transparency. Fairness. Representation.

Marketplaces around the world are where people gather, shop, debate, share news, tell stories, and discuss the most important events of the day. Ever-evolving, ever-in-flux, marketplaces are not static entities, but dynamic spaces that reflect the changing hopes, needs, concerns, and aspirations of those who frequent them.

The same is true for

To encourage a truly vibrant community, we believe that artisans must have an important seat at the table. Artisan voices must help guide the conversation and shape the experience of our marketplace, which is always growing and changing. This is where the Village Council comes in.

The Village Council serves as a kind of Council of Elders, a 15-person body of elected master artisans representing diverse geographic regions of the world, two members from, and one member from a prestigious international arts organization. Their role is to help oversee’s growth, while safeguarding its mission. As representatives of our artisan-seller community, they not only share their technical expertise, but also their perspectives on the needs and challenges that artisans face, particularly as continues to expand. They contribute insights, engage in high-level discussions, and help ensure that transparency, fairness and representation remain always at the forefront of our marketplace experience.

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Are you ready?
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