The handmade movement

There is a quiet revolution sweeping the world. You may have noticed. In almost every store.

Every refrigerator, restaurant, closet, winery, bakery, beauty counter, service provider. It's right there, boldly on the label:

Handmade. Artisan-Crafted. Ethically-Made.

Why? Because people really do care.

In a world increasingly anonymous and consolidated, we seek balance. We crave meaning and authenticity — now more than ever.

Not so long ago, most of us were artisans.

A hundred years ago? Less? Perhaps, we begin to remember who we were. Who we are.

Welcome home, we might start saying to each other. Welcome home.

Handmade is a movement of We.

It belongs to all of us. The Handmade Movement is fast outgrowing its original niche of artisanal companies and supportive customers. We are many, many millions, everywhere. And we’re showing our preference for quality, fair trade, transparency and authenticity — in every realm of our lives.

Handmade is a powerful concept, a belief system.

One that appreciates culture, heritage, nature, and accountability. The Handmade Movement is relevant in all aspects of our lives, and bridges all lines of work, all cultures, all borders. Yet it is apolitical.

Handmade is the alternative to a future we won't accept.

Where everything is the same. Everyone looks the same. Dresses the same. Eats the same. Where meaning, culture and tradition are lost. Handmade is the beautiful, attainable alternative.

We work hard, every single day, to assist the world's keepers of the arts.

We're thrilled that our impact through and NOVICA has already reached millions of customers and tens of thousands of artisans and their dependents.

To our customers — you make a difference every single time you choose handmade over factory produced.

In every aspect of our lives, each of us encounters handmade choices every day: The choice to support our fellow human beings and small businesses. The choice to buy or grow organic. The choice to invest in meaningful products that endure — and a healthier, sustainable, equitable future. Because it's the right thing to do.

Join us. And fasten your seatbelts!

The road ahead is filled with tremendous people, gorgeous discoveries, and unexpected delights.

Oh, and welcome home.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?
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